Making a Beautiful Sign

Customer Service

We especially pride ourselves on our superior custom service. It’s our greatest joy to make the creation process extremely easy and fun for our brides and event planners.

Graphic Art

A trained graphic designer will help develop the perfect content and look. You will receive a minimum of three proofs and nothing goes to print until you are perfectly happy.

Frames and Easels

We hand select only very special frames and easels to match your venue and budget. Typically, our most fabulous frames are real antiques — interesting and ornate.


We specialize in unique printing materials. We can use mirror, chalk board, ceramics or anything you can think of! Acrylic mirrors are very popular because of their light weight and wide range of colors.


An expert artisan printer engraves your final artwork into a beautiful sign. Your sign is then professionally framed with flexible points so you can reuse the frame again and again.


We can ship anywhere in the world. We use specialty packaging and premium shipping services to make sure fragile signs arrive safely. In Northern California, we can hand deliver or arrange for an in person pickup.

Pricing Information

Our goal is to make your design dreams come true! Some of our most popular items are seating plans and drink signs and we are always open to new ideas. The majority of our signs are completely custom and pricing is hard to determine up front, but these prices give a general guideline. We can finalize an exact price once we details of your order, such as the frame, mirror color, size, and shipping destination. We do offer discounts for larger orders.

lavishly large signs

When you only have one shot to impress, send a stunning statement with a welcome greeting, seating chart, menu, logo, sign-able guest book, or a custom art print. Sizes up to 2’x3′ — typical price is $1500, though could be more/less depending on your order details.

grand statement signs

Show off your elegance and class. This size is perfect for featured cocktails, cigar & whiskey bar, dinner and dessert menus, business offerings, or any custom design. Sizes up to 18″x24″ — typical price is $900, though could be more/less depending on your order details.

little luxury signs

Little signs that light up the room. Perfect for sweetheart tables, guest books, hashtags, inspirational quotes, businesses and very special gifts. Sizes up to 8″x10″ — typical price is $500, though could be more/less depending on your order details.

luxury table numbers

When paper simply won’t do, we can customize these one of a kind table number sets to your exact needs. And they are available for both rent and purchase. Purchase price starts at $150 per number • Rentals start at $25 per number


*Shipping is an additional cost and not included in the prices above.

** Taxes are an additional cost and not included in the prices above. In the United States, all California and Michigan residents are subject to sales tax. Outside the United States, orders may be subject to value added taxes depending on the destination country. Italy, for example, charges a 22% tax on artwork.

More questions about what to expect for shipping and taxes? Visit this page: Common Shipping and Taxes Questions