Frames and Easels Questions

Shipping large, fragile items is truly an art! We use specialty packaging and premium shipping services to make sure signs arrive safely. We ship globally, and can also arrange for local pickups.

Frame Questions


I already have a frame, can you just make the sign?
This is possible, though may be a bit tricky. It is extremely important to provide us with the exact dimensions of the frame, otherwise you may be getting a sign that won’t fit. If the sign is too large you can take it to a local plastic manufacturer and they may be able to trim it down, although this could potentially damage the sign. The only way to make sure you are getting a sign that perfectly fits is for us to pick out the frame.
What are some of the ways you refinish frames?

Refinishing frames is a true passion of ours! We use different methods depending on the frame and event. Typically we refinish frames to mimic the beauty of a real antique. Gold, silver, and copper leaf are extremely luxurious options. We also use premium metallic paints, gold foils, French Guiding Wax, French Wash, and are often trying new ones! Our blog has some examples of Frames we’ve refinished.

What shipping costs can I expect?
Shipping large, delicate signs can be quite expensive, depending on where you live in the United States. With UPS Ground (insured), for larger signs (like seating charts) you can typically expect $150 per box. We can often fit 1-5 signs per large box, depending on the size. For smaller signs, shipping can be quite less ranging from $50-100. International rates will be more (see section below for estimated rates).

Easel Questions

(Outside USA)

Do you provide easels?

We are happy to provide complimentary easels for smaller and medium sized signs. We can also provide a hanging wire. We do not typically provide easels for larger signs. We would have to charge so much for shipping that you would receive a far better price buying locally or ordering from a website like Amazon. We would be happy to make some recommendations if interested.

I live in Northern California, can I pick up my signs?
That’s great! We are able to arrange in person deliveries or pick ups to residents of Sacramento, Roseville, El Dorado Hills, Folsom, Granite Bay, Davis, Napa Valley, Tahoe and other surrounding areas, depending on the size of the package. San Francisco, Berkeley, and the Bay area is a little further away, but definitely still possible! If interested please let us know 🙂
When my international event is complete, how to do I ship the signs back to my home country?
After the event, you can either bring the signs back underneath the airplane or ship through a carrier. Airplane will likely be slightly cheaper, though you will be responsible for transporting a very large, heavy box and you may not want the headache. If you ship by a carrier, we recommend DHL for international shipping. We have an account with them, and if interested, we can purchase a label for you as part of your order.